Radiology Scheduling

Radiology practices schedule radiologists and technologists, frequently at multiple locations. Providers often work remotely, so mobile access is of particular importance – and their scheduling software needs to be up to the challenge.

Automated Radiology Scheduling

OpenTempo allows your radiology practice to delineate the rules and policies your schedules need to follow. Whether those requirements are based on clinical availability or human resources policies, OpenTempo lets you build them into your schedule automatically.

Easy Request Processing

With a large number of radiologists and technologists, requests can pour in for vacation days, CMEs, and conferences. With OpenTempo, you can process requests automatically, manually, or a mix of both, allowing you complete control over request processing. Request scheduling is fully integrated with daily and call scheduling, so all requests are screened automatically to ensure all rules and policies are enforced.

Time and Attendance Tracking

OpenTempo lets you track time and attendance, while integrating it into your payroll service. Shift data can easily be handled and shift differentials calculated automatically.

Medical Resident Scheduling

Radiology practices that work with academic medical centers need to incorporate medical resident rotations into their daily and call schedules. OpenTempo lets you track your residents by rotation, certification, prerequisite, as well as hours by case or procedure.

Mobile Access

In an age when radiologists frequently work remotely, mobile access is imperative. OpenTempo will automatically sync the calendar on your smartphone or mobile device with scheduling updates. It will also be able to show you request approvals in real-time.

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