Perioperative Scheduling

In perioperative management, it is critical to know that the right provider will be in the right room with the right case, every time.

OpenTempo has massively reduced our turnaround time on processing requests, and we no longer have to worry about being staffed appropriately for the day.

– Brooke Stahle, RN, Director of Perioperative Services, University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, VT

Perioperative Scheduling

OpenTempo allows you to fully automate your perioperative schedules. We use an advanced rules-based “engine” that lets you incorporate every rule and policy at your facility into each schedule. You will be able to build schedules with complete confidence, for any number of providers and locations.

Easy Request Processing

Perioperative departments field large numbers of requests for days off, shift swaps, CMEs, and conferences. With OpenTempo, you will be able to choose which requests you wish to approve automatically, and which you prefer to review manually. All requests are screened to comply with your rules and policies, as well as provider FTE credits. Our program makes request processing even easier by using color-coding to steer providers to choose days that are most likely to be approved.

Staff Rooms and Cases

OpenTempo helps you match providers to rooms and cases according to specialty and availability. Room and case scheduling is fully integrated with all daily, call, and resident schedules, to provide a full picture of the day. OpenTempo can integrate with any OR scheduling system, so you can see daily case data alongside your staff availability.

Perioperative Scheduling for Medical Residents

For perioperative departments in academic medical centers, OpenTempo lets you track residents by rotation, prerequisites, and certifications. You can also schedule residents according to total case counts or hours by procedure. Resident schedules are fully integrated with the daily and call schedules of all providers.

Time Tracking

OpenTempo’s ability to track time and attendance makes it easy to monitor overtime and under-time. You will be able to track incentive pay and shift pay differentials, and can clock in and out using touch-screen kiosks or your smartphone.

Mobile Access

With OpenTempo’s mobile app, you will be able to see changes in OR room or case immediately on your smartphone or tablet. You will have full access to your personal and team schedules, and be able to make requests directly from your mobile device.

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