Ob/Gyn Scheduling

Ob/gyn scheduling requires balancing a full roster of routine appointments with the unpredictability of delivery.

OpenTempo allows you to build daily and call schedules automatically – while perfectly following every rule and policy in your practice. You can build schedules for an unlimited number of providers and facilities, and create as many sub-specialty schedules as you require.

Fast Request Processing

Ob/gyn practices frequently need to adjust their schedules for requests, including shift swaps, vacation days, CME days, and conferences. OpenTempo gives you the option to choose which kinds of requests you wish to approve automatically, and which you wish to review manually. Providers are also steered to days most likely to be approved, through a simple color-coding system.

Track Time

OpenTempo lets you track time and attendance so you can know, in real-time, exactly where your practice stands regarding overtime and under-time. You will also be able to calculate shift differentials and export your data directly into any payroll processing system.

Ob/Gyn Scheduling for Residents and Attendings

OpenTempo gives academic medical centers the tools to track ob/gyn residents by rotation, prerequisite, or certification. You will also be able to balance the clinical and academic work ratios of your attendings.

Room and Case Staffing

OpenTempo lets you match providers to rooms and cases easily. It will show you providers by availability and specialty, while blocking inappropriate assignments.

Complete Mobile Access

The OpenTempo mobile scheduling app gives you full access to schedules on your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to view schedules, make requests, and even clock in and out – right from your phone.

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