Nurse Scheduling

At best, scheduling nurses manually at large hospitals and medical practices is inefficient. At worst, it is costly and results in mistaken staffing assignments. OpenTempo nurse scheduling software takes the guesswork out of scheduling, while ensuring appropriate staffing and balanced call shifts.

Automated Nurse Scheduling Software

OpenTempo software incorporates the rules and policies of your practice into every nurse schedule. Requirements regarding clinical availability, supervision, and certifications can be enforced automatically. Human resources regulations and nursing union policies can also be enforced, to help prevent staffing errors from entering the schedule.

Process Requests Quickly

OpenTempo lets you decide which requests should be processed automatically, and which should be held for manual review. Request processing uses the same rules enforcement of the daily and call schedules, so shift swaps and requests for days off can all be processed with confidence.

Staff Rooms and Cases Easily

OpenTempo makes staffing rooms and cases as easy as drag-and-drop. You will be able to see which nurses are available and clinically certified for each case. Plus, your rooms can be viewed at-a-glance by floor plan or Gantt table.

Integrate Time and Attendance

OpenTempo precisely tracks time and attendance. This allows you to see in real-time which nurses are going into overtime, and which are being under-utilized. You can even track nurses by seniority and integrate your time data with any payroll service.

Get Mobile Access to Your Nursing Schedule

OpenTempo’s mobile app lets your nurses view their schedule, make requests, and get instant updates on their smartphone or tablet. Request approvals and schedule changes are also synced to the device calendar.

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