Doctor Scheduling

OpenTempo software is specifically designed to handle the complexities of physician scheduling. We give you the ability to build daily and call schedules for any number of providers in an unlimited number of facilities and locations.

Automated Doctor Scheduling Software

OpenTempo doctor scheduling software is a rules-based platform that lets you enforce every clinical rule and human resources policy automatically. This prevents common scheduling errors, like assigning the same doctor to several calls at once, or inappropriately assigning a doctor to a case that requires specialty certification.

Fast Request Processing

Large medical practices mean large numbers of requests. OpenTempo lets you set up the rules by which requests can be approved automatically, while giving you the flexibility to review requests manually whenever you wish. The result is faster request processing, and fewer errors.

Room and Case Staffing

For practices requiring scheduling specific to the case and room, OpenTempo provides easy, drag-and-drop case and room scheduling. For each room and case, you will be able to see which doctors are available and clinically appropriate, so scheduling becomes easier and takes less time.

Time and Attendance Tracking

OpenTempo’s time and attendance tracking system makes it easy to integrate time data with your payroll service. You can quickly and accurately calculate shift differentials, as well as the complexities of your employment agreements.

Medical Resident Scheduling

For doctors in academic medical centers, OpenTempo provides full integration of daily and call schedules with medical resident schedules. You will be able to see which residents are available, and track them by rotation, prerequisite, and certification.

Mobile Access

The OpenTempo mobile app gives you access in real-time to schedule updates and request approvals via any mobile device. Your schedule syncs automatically to the calendar on your phone or tablet, and you can log in anywhere you have access to the web.

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