Anesthesia Scheduling

Anesthesiology practices have to schedule numerous doctors and CRNAs, frequently at a variety of facilities and locations. This requires anesthesia scheduling software capable of handling the intricacies of that environment.

OpenTempo has been crucial in coordinating all our schedules across multiple sites. We provide anesthesia services at a Level 1 tertiary medical center, a cardiovascular center, a large outpatient SurgiCenter, a Pain Clinic, and a separate community hospital in a neighboring town.

— Geoffrey Norwood, Executive Administrator, East Carolina Anesthesia Associates, NC

Automated Anesthesia Scheduling

OpenTempo is a rules-based platform that allows you to specify the rules and policies you follow for building your schedules. Clinical rules, human resources requirements, and union policies can all be encoded into the software, allowing it to automatically enforce your rules and policies with every schedule you build.

Rapid Request Processing

With so many anesthesiologists and CRNAs, you are likely processing a large number of requests. OpenTempo allows you to decide which requests can be approved automatically and which need to be approved manually. All rules and policies are enforced when reviewing any request, so no violation of clinical availability or facility policy can occur, and request approvals are automatically updated on all schedules.

Room and Case Staffing

OpenTempo provides floor plan and Gantt views of the OR, allowing easy drag-and-drop room and case staffing. You will be able to match providers to rooms and cases, by availability and specialty and prevent inappropriate case assignments to providers lacking the proper certification.

Time and Attendance Tracking

OpenTempo provides a complete time tracking feature, which can integrate with any payroll service. Optional touch-screen kiosks are available to track time directly. Shift differentials can be calculated automatically.

Medical Resident Scheduling

If your anesthesia practice works with an academic medical center, then your scheduling needs to account for medical resident rotations. With OpenTempo, you can track residents by rotation, prerequisites, and certifications, and integrate them into your daily and call schedules.

Mobile Access

OpenTempo’s mobile app gives you instant access to your schedule on your favorite smartphone or tablet. You will be able to view your schedules, make requests, and see who you’ll be working with, plus it will sync with your device calendar to keep your schedule up-to-date.

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