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Patient Demand Forecasting Software

Patient demand forecasting software presents a powerful advantage for healthcare organizations seeking to improve patient outcomes, reduce operating costs, and increase staff retention.

The following list details the essential capabilities that patient demand forecasting solutions need to have in order to drive practice efficiency and produce results.

  • Patient Sync – to pull in patient data from EHR or OR scheduler.
  • Staff Schedule Sync – to align staff availability.
  • Specialty and Certification Tracking – to ensure the right provider mix.
  • Payroll System Sync – to allow for the proactive management of overtime and under time.
  • Automatic Blocking of Inappropriate Assignments – to prevent errors.
  • Automatic Rules Enforcement – to guarantee all rules and policies are followed.
  • Real-Time Updating – to keep information current.
  • Data Analytics – to assess projected and historical room and staff utilization.
  • HIPAA Compliance – to allow secure data handling.
  • Compensation Tracking – to assist with payroll.
  • Mobile Access – to stream up-to-date schedules directly to providers.

This post is an excerpt from the OpenTempo report on Patient Demand Forecasting.

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