OR Manager

On April 23, 2015, OpenTempo CEO Rich Miller presented a webinar for OR Manager on Reducing Costs and Optimizing OR Efficiency with Improved Staff Scheduling.

As the economic landscape of healthcare undergoes tremendous change, OR Managers are forced to cope with rising costs and decreasing reimbursements. From 2006 to 2010, rising costs accounted for a full 63% of the overall growth in hospital spending.1 Moreover, since 2010, hospitals have had to withstand nearly $122 billion in new cuts. 2

As Miller described in the webinar, in this climate, it is important to focus on the expenses that can be controlled. Staffing, as the largest percentage of operating costs, is a prime area of focus for improving efficiency.

Miller explained the hidden costs of the most common approaches to staff scheduling and how forecasting patient demand can ensure the most appropriate staffing for each day. Overtime costs and underutilization of staff were also shown to stem from inefficient – and unnecessary – staff scheduling processes.

Participants received continuing education credit and learned to:

• Identify three ways practices can improve efficiency by integrating staff schedule data with payroll systems.
• Recognize how matching provider availability with patient demand can improve OR efficiency.
• Define opportunities to reduce costs by improving scheduling processes.

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2“Cumulative Cuts,” American Hospital Association. http://www.aha.org/content/14/cumulative-cuts.pdf