Creative Corner: Staying in Front on Healthcare IT

OpenTempo CEO Rich Miller
OpenTempo CEO, Rich Miller, tells what it means to be a Vermont company and how OpenTempo manages rapid growth. This article was originally published in the Burlington Free Press on October 31, 2014 and is reprinted below.

It may surprise you to learn that a Williston-based company, OpenTempo, is at the vanguard of a nationwide push to reduce inefficiency in our healthcare system.

We make workforce management software that allows hospitals to automate their staff scheduling – something most people don’t realize is usually done manually.

Think about that.

Even at the largest hospitals, the clinical needs of every room in every department at every hour of the day are coordinated with the individual scheduling needs of hundreds of doctors and nurses – all by hand.

The thing is, there is no way to bring all those details together in a coherent, cost-effective way using a manual system. Sophisticated software is needed – and that’s what we offer our customers. Places like Mass General and MD Anderson Cancer Center – and another place you may have heard of, Fletcher Allen.

Hospitals and large medical practices are clamoring for technology to help them bring their costs down – and that means we are growing fast. We have tripled our staff since the start of 2013 – and we are still hiring.

Luckily, Vermont has a long history of leadership in the field of healthcare technology – a history I intend to make sure we maintain.
Back in February, I brought together a leadership team comprised of industry veterans from IDX and GE Healthcare – people like Jim Crook, Walt Marti, and John Jordan. I knew we were on a path towards incredible growth, and I wanted to make sure we had the right people to help us grow sustainably.

That starts with hiring the right people – and keeping their energy levels high.

Without question, we need people who can produce exceptional work. Deadlines are tight, output is high – and everyone needs to feel the team has their back.

Yet, to my way of thinking, if OpenTempo isn’t a great place to work, then we’re doing something wrong.

We see ourselves as a very Vermont company – and we want to make sure we stay that way. We hire locally, and we invest in our employees. Our salaries are solid, our benefits are competitive, and we hire with the intention of keeping people for the long haul.

Yet keeping a team creative and energized requires more than a decent salary – that’s why we make a point of having fun. Our developers have gone on rock-climbing brainstorming sessions, our implementation team bonds new staff with bowling expeditions, and everyone joins in on surprise paintball days.

We also believe in the impact of health and physical activity on productivity, so we offer standing desks and have installed showers for anyone who wants to bike to work or go for a run in the middle of the day.

As a Vermont company, OpenTempo is committed to upholding the entrepreneurial traditions that have long made our state a leader in healthcare technology.

We are playing an integral role in efforts to reduce healthcare costs – and, with the right team behind us, we will make a real difference.

Rich Miller is the President & CEO of OpenTempo, Inc., a healthcare IT company based in Williston, VT. OpenTempo specializes in providing workforce management and staff scheduling software to hospitals and private medical practices across the country. For more information, please visit