How to Reduce Operating Costs by Improving Staff Utilization

Are you looking for a way to rein in overtime costs or reduce short-staffing? Do you wish there was a way to pull all your systems together so you could actually see what was going on across your organization? See how to get a handle on costs with this white paper.





Compensation & Cost Centers

Are differential and incentive pay increasingly complicated and difficult to track at your organization? Does your team need to manually re-enter data every time someone works overtime or leaves earlier than scheduled? Are miscalculations eating up time and energy? Discover a better method for handling compensation and cost centers with this white paper.




What Every Medical Practice Should Know about Staff Scheduling

Does it take way too long to create your daily and call schedules? Do people have to run to a bulletin board to check for updates? Are you constantly emailing back and forth with people about requests for PTO? Get a different perspective on scheduling with this report.



Analytics of Healthcare Staffing

Are you swimming in data and reports but don’t know what you should be looking at? Is overtime straining your budget, leaving you wishing you knew how to track it better? Do people think the call schedules are unfair? See all you can get from your scheduling data with this report.



Patient Demand Forecasting

Have you ever had to scramble to find a provider with the right credentials to pick up a shift? Does your organization swing from understaffed to overstaffed? Do you get complaints that some people get all the easy patients? Discover a whole new approach to assigning staff with this report.