Doctor scheduling is far more complicated than spreadsheets and rudimentary scheduling systems can handle. In this video, OpenTempo demonstrates why you need the proper tool for medical staff scheduling. Video Length: 50 seconds

Doctor scheduling requires the proper tools.

We hear all the time from academic medical centers and IDNs that are struggling to build extremely complicated staff schedules without the proper tools. They are doing their best with pen and paper, spreadsheet and post-it note, but only getting themselves more and more frustrated.

And no wonder – just think what goes into building a typical schedule …

First, you have to work everybody into the schedule, taking into consideration when they have call and what their regular hours are.

Then, you need to take into account who wants which days off, which means determining how many vacation days they have left and whether you’ll still have sufficient clinical coverage without them.

On top of that, you have to assign people based on their specialties and certifications.

The process can takes days, even weeks, for a large medical practice – only to have to be endlessly revised as new requests come in.

Doctor scheduling doesn’t need to drive you crazy.

In this video, we try to make it clear why scheduling could – just possibly – drive a person over the edge. But it really shouldn’t have to. Technology has come a long way since the spreadsheet.

Just compare your smartphone to your old cell phone. (Or even to your touchtone landline!) Once you made the leap into the modern world of smartphones, you probably never looked back. Suddenly, you had everything you needed, right at your fingertips.

That’s the difference you experience when you move from spreadsheets, or even rudimentary scheduling software, to a technology tool designed specifically for the needs of a large and complex medical environment.

Think how long it takes you now just to set the call schedules. Now think how much back-and-forth you go through just dealing with requests. And if your current system doesn’t integrate with your payroll, think of how much time you spend doing duplicate data entry.

Then ask yourself whether you really have the proper tools. If not, get in touch.