East Carolina Anesthesia Associates



East Carolina Anesthesia Associates of North Carolina was having difficulty tracking how many people were needed at each of their locations on any given day. There were also concerns across the practice that the schedules were not fair or transparent.




OpenTempo helped them institute a system to automatically track all of their clinicians and facilities. As a result, they were able to efficiently and precisely staff their caseload – and eliminate staffing shortages.



  • Ended short-staffing concerns.
  • Created fair and transparent schedules that reduced staff complaints.
  • Helped eliminate need to hire locums to fill staffing gaps.

Outgrown Scheduling System Proves Costly

The 25 MD’s and 66 CRNA’s at East Carolina Anesthesia Associates cover a Level 1 tertiary medical center, a cardiovascular center, a large outpatient SurgiCenter, a pain clinic, and a separate community hospital in a neighboring town.

Due to the complexity of scheduling their numerous facilities and large number of providers, East Carolina had outgrown their original scheduling system. Providers expressed concerns that the schedules were not fair, and occasional gaps in the schedule resulted in pricey bills for locums.

East Carolina brought on more CRNA’s to eliminate their reliance on hiring locums. However, they still needed a solution capable of managing their large staff and changing needs.

They wanted a tool that could equitably balance call shifts and provide full transparency in their scheduling. They also wanted a user-friendly system that would give providers easy access to their schedule, and which could scale up as their practice grew.

OpenTempo was selected to implement their new scheduling system.

With five locations, OpenTempo has been crucial in coordinating our schedules.
– Geoffrey Norwood
Executive Administrator East Carolina Anesthesia Associates, NC

Clinical Availability and Staffing

OpenTempo began by setting their staff requirements and quotas into the system. In addition, work patterns were created to give better visibility of the staffing and clinical situation at each of their locations. This allowed for each location to be tracked automatically, thus ensuring it was matched with clinically appropriate and available staff.

Requests Approved

OpenTempo also established an integrated request review process, which made sure every request that came through was immediately verified – at all locations – for both availability and clinical staffing needs. This not only led to faster request processing, but it made the results far more accurate.

Money Saved

The changes OpenTempo was able to institute for East Carolina made their scheduling faster and more precise.

With OpenTempo, they now have the ability to see their staffing, location, and clinical needs for each day, while being able to create tighter, more accurate schedules. Providers are able to view their schedules and make requests for days off via their smartphone or tablet.

Most importantly, they are now fully staffed at each of their five locations, and they can trust that the clinical needs at each have been accounted for in their schedule.

The combination of replacing locums with CRNA’s, as well as implementing OpenTempo to automate their new staffing model, enabled East Carolina to save over $1,000,000 annually by reducing their reliance on locum services.

By effectively addressing their staff scheduling, East Carolina strengthened the fiscal health of their entire practice.