American Anesthesiology of Georgia

American Anesthesiology of Georgia wanted an automated schedule built on the unique rotating template they were accustomed to using.

OpenTempo implemented a schedule using the rotating template American Anesthesiology of Georgia required, but added modern capabilities. Cloud-based technology, built-in backups, and mobile device syncing resulted in a faster, more user-friendly version of their rotating template.


  • 20 swaps per week, each handled in a matter of seconds.
  • Time/date stamping for foolproof backup of all swaps and trades.
  • Scheduling updates instantly synced to smartphones and mobile devices.

One Template, Endless Swaps and Trades

Over their 30 year history, American Anesthesiology of Georgia developed a unique approach to scheduling. With 35 doctors and over 100 anesthetists, they had been using a rotating scheduling system that seemed to work for their practice.

Every shift was built into a single template, which cycled for the number of providers on the schedule. So, for 35 doctors, there were 35 possible shifts built into the schedule.

This approach created a schedule that was very fair – everyone rotated through the same template, and everyone got equal exposure to every shift. However, it wasn’t very accommodating to individual preference. That’s why, once the schedule was built, providers would begin swapping and trading shifts until they got the calls and shifts they wanted.

Adding Modern Capabilities

While American Anesthesiology of Georgia was comfortable with the rotating template, they weren’t satisfied with their manual approach to building it. With every build, the schedule was posted in the lounge area, where shifts and names were often scratched out and overwritten. What had once worked well, became more difficult to read as the practice grew.

Moreover, tracking the numerous swaps was difficult using a paper system.

There was also the inconvenience of providers having to view the paper schedule, in person, in order to check the status of any requests, or to learn of scheduling changes.

OpenTempo was able to adapt to the way we wanted to do our scheduling – instead of us having to adapt to the software.
– Scott Solomon, M.D., American Anesthesiology of Georgia

Tailored for a Perfect Fit

OpenTempo was charged with one overarching task – to create an automated version of American Anesthesiology of Georgia’s rotating template system.

With up to 20 swaps occurring each week, the paper system had become too time-consuming and laborious to meet their growing needs. The goal was to speed up the time it took for each swap.

Most importantly, a way to keep track of all the changes was needed.

New and Improved

OpenTempo was able to implement a rotating schedule that worked in the exact same way as American Anesthesiology of Georgia’s original template – only better.

Swaps that used to require a complicated paper trail could now be completed in a couple of seconds – and pushed out via email and calendar sync to all providers.

Automatic time and date stamping on all changes meant confusion about trades and schedule changes disappeared, and, by providing a complete backup of all changes, verification of any swap was now possible.

American Anesthesiology of Georgia got the best of both worlds – the classic, rotating template they preferred, and the modern speed, verification, and access they wanted.