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Becker’s Hospital Review, a media leader in presenting business and legal information to the healthcare industry, featured an article this month by OpenTempo CEO Rich Miller. Miller discussed How Hospitals Can Cut Costs and Increase Efficiencies through Workforce Management Automation.

Role of technology

Miller advises hospitals to review the areas where improved technology could make a difference to their staffing. For instance, many hospitals use manual methods (Excel, paper and pen …) to build schedules when automated solutions can produce them faster and more accurately.

Miller also encourages hospitals to consider how much staff time is spent not only building schedules, but on processing requests for days off or shift swaps. Technology is also presented as an effective way to ensure consistent enforcement of clinical rules, union and human resources policies, as well as staffing quotas.


Another benefit Miller mentions regarding workforce management technology is reporting.

When scheduling data are provided alongside time-tracking data, essential information can be brought forth on staffing and attendance. Overtime and under-time are just two examples of the type of business intelligence Miller states can be gleaned from the proper workforce management tool.

Improving staff utilization and cutting costs

Miller shows hospitals how they can cut costs by automating basic workforce management functions, such as staff scheduling. The result is a more efficient approach to building schedules with fewer staffing imbalances.

Most importantly, improved workforce management tools give staff more time to focus on patient care.

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